"This is how films should be made. It has all the elements I look for in any film. What I can say about this film is hang on, you're about to take an intense short cinematic experience."

Frank Galterio

"Horror fans are highly encouraged to see this visceral and entertaining cinema when and where ever Clemency is available. The film is simply outstanding."

Michael Allen

"Albanese demonstrates a knack for building suspense.."

Mike Snoonian

"It is a suspense thriller that delivers the goods."

Jennifer Marks

"The only thing amiss about Clemency is the fact that it is only 18 minutes long. I wanted more. Charlie and Chris Frazier, along with writer/director Joseph Albanese, told a tale of such intensity that the ending left me wanting a full-length feature about Poe.  I want more Poe because Cris D'Annunzio delivers Poe on a delicious cake plate of creepiness with a side of sociopath."

Sharon Foss

"This one felt like a possibly compressed full length film, but the quick pacing pays off - the movie hardly lets you breath..."

Brian Collins